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DS Domination (Drop Ship Domination) is the first platform on the web that allows users to utilize the power of well-known international brands and companies. This is my DS Domination review.

Drop Ship Domination basically is a drop-shipping program that has been put together by Roger Langille, who has been creating a considerable income over the last 10 years by copying product info from one site to another. DS Domination is now available for the general public and received a lot of publicity since. A few companies DS Domination works with are Amazon, Ebay and Walmart.


How does DS Domination work?

At the moment, Drop Ship Domination is a completely revolutionary platform that becomes free if you bring in two leads, which is fairly easy to do. The service is completely automated: it uses easy-to-use copy and paste features in order for you to get information quickly from A to B. What DS Domination basically does is that it gives you tools and training on how to make money selling on Ebay and buying from Amazon along with many others through drop shipping. Prices to become part of DS Domination start at just $19.95 a month, at which point the user can earn discounts by bringing in additional members. When the member is making enough money, they have the option to subscribe to a more elaborate plan of $120 in order to get more specific training and support.


Making money through DS Domination

At the bottom of this DS Domination review you can decide to become an affiliate where you can automatically make money through their elaborate affiliate network. But bringing in affiliates is not even necessary. However, through this network, you will receive commissions all the way up to the 10th tier user. For level 1 referrals you will earn 50% commissions, all the way up to a 1% commission for levels 6 to 10. Prices are periodically awarded to use of DS Domination that hit specific sales volumes every month. By driving sales, a considerable amount of users are able to earn up to $500 – $1000 a week. In essence, the core reasons for members to use Drop Ship Domination are as follows:

–        DS Domination allows you to make money immediately from the start of the programme.

–        DS Domination allows you to invest in your own business without using your own money.

–        DS Domination allows you to do all this without having to recruit affiliates. It’s just you and the product.


You can see the hundreds of testimonials here -> DSD TESTIMONIALS

As it stands right now, 85% of everyone who has joined DS Domination have earned income within their first 30 days. I really do not believe there is any other program out there that has stats like those. This is a program for anyone who just wants to start a business online and make money right away. For someone who does not want to build up a brand and marketing skills that take years to master in “hopes” of being one of the 2% in the industry who make money. This is for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now below this DS Domination review and get started with making money right away. I am business partners and friends with the founders and will give you access to our exclusive team training site for guaranteed success (although the system is so simple I doubt you’d need it).

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